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Invisible influence

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The real decision-maker

Who is influencing your consumers’ choice? Who can shape their opinion and indirectly contribute to the decision-making?

Since the advent of modern PR, we

know that the most influential

opinion setter is not a profes-

sional of information, an

institution or an academic

expert. True influencers

are invisible and diverse.

They are friends, peers, family

members, people we trust rather

than people we consider experts.

The raise of social media has empowered

the “unknown” and challenged the traditional status of expertise.

What we propose:

We advise on the best approaches to identify and map the “invisible influencers”.

We engage with them either directly
or through activated networks


We consolidate their expertise and
help those who are the most engaged
get more visible and influent

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We help you integrate the most diverse and

difficult-to-reach opinion leaders in your Communications.

Attention and care can go a long way.

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